A subsidiary of Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd in Japan

The company's main products include parts for Automotive Components. At present, our company has continued to grow, because of its ability to produce more, excellent quality, and on time delivery to customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components. The main focus of our production is Rubber chassis and Vibration reducing devices.

Since its establishment, Yamashita Rubber has grown and developed by constantly taking on the challenges of new technologies as an auto rubber parts supplier.

Material Development

We are researching and developing materials required for anti-vibration rubber, metal fixture treatment, adhesion, coating etc.

Manufacturing Technology

For product specifications, we evaluate manufacturability from the viewpoint of easy manufacturing, etc. and we feed this back to product specifications.

Emphasis on Quality

The quality of automotive parts is directly connected with the safety of a completed auto, so we consider quality to be the top priority issue from the viewpoint of risk management.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

Here is important that you state all your requirements and our team of engineers with a lot of experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs