Suspension Bushing

A suspension bushing is installed at the connection point of the suspension connecting the tires and the auto body, and its functions are as follows:

  • It supports the auto gently so that various vibrations generated by the tires and the road surface do not pass to the auto body and so that it can flexibly absorb vibrations generated by unevenness and swelling in the road surface.
  • It supports the auto firmly so that it can keep its handling during cornering and so that it does not shake when operated at high speeds.

It contributes to the quietness, comfortable ride and fun of an auto by balancing these contradictory requirements at a high level.

Interception of the oscillating noise from a tire : Improvement in silence
Optimal dynamic geometry control : Improvement in running stability
Resonance attenuation of a suspension system : Improvement in silence
The smooth action under a spring : Improvement in a degree of comfort